Since 2010, we revolutionise the Soft Play industry by introducing a new concept. Our 20,000sq ft “Town” is made up of a number of zones which are both educational and entertaining. Ask a child what they want to do when they grow up and the answer is invariably something like and Astronaut, Doctor, Footballer or Fireman. Tiny Town has taken note of this and created areas for children so they can act out their dreams with their friends.

It took three years of planning involving parents, teaching professionals, psychologists and experts committed to the development of children’s play areas to design our centre - Tiny Town, which its not so “Tiny” after all, in fact its on of the biggest soft play centres in the Country, we have welcomed over 50,000 visitors every year.

For children: We have a three level extensive soft play area, sensory room, under 4’s area, toddlers area, messy room area, climbing wall, log cabins for birthday parties and a huge state of the art 3G Astroturf football pitch!  

For adults: All of the above + TV Screens, Free Wireless, Magazines, Sofas and a family friendly coffee shop serving a great selection of food at reasonable prices.



FA Approved Pitches - Available for people of all ages
We have the latest state-of-the-art Indoor 3G Astro Turf Football facilities, Why dont you arrange a match with friends or train with your team here.


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